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a11y and Friendica

@Friendica Support Are there a theme more dedicated to accessibility for ~friendica ~friendica. I see some sr-only with frio but if another one are more improvement 😀.
Michael Vogel il y a 5 mois
I tried some of this with "Vier" - but I never got so far to be able to test it.

Shnoulle (F) il y a 5 mois use Vier ? Right ?

Currently , comparing quickly GS , Friendia and hubzilla : seems Friendica developer try to improve a little a11y (with Vier and frio). Hubzilla didn't have anythink and mastodon seem broken.

Maybe ~friendica ~friendica are the best one ;) but a lot need more to do :(

Michael Vogel il y a 5 mois
We need someone who can work with screen readers. Only then we can really improve it. Everything else is just guessing :-(

Gerhard Seeber il y a 5 mois de Friendica
My Friendica mobile

Gerhard Seeber il y a 5 mois de Friendica
The Windows tools for accessibility should by default work with the Friendica Mobile client (you can find the App in the Win10 store), i.e. bigger font sizes, high contrast display, screen reader etc.

But, I have never tested these tools nor optimised the App modules to work with Screen readers etc. However, I you want to try it, I would be very interest to hear about your experiences with a11y and Friendica Mobile...